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 Alan Williamson's Blog We knew it was coming, the leafs were rustling and the wind was blowing. Yesterday Microsoft finally released their vision for their offering into the cloud space. They have published a whitepaper on Azure so with that, here are the highlights from that whitepaper. High level view: "a platform for running Windows applications and storing their data in the cloud" Four main areas; Windows Azure base, .NET services, SQL services and Live services All Azure applications run within Microsoft's data centers accessible via the Internet Applications built on .NET will only be able to run in Azure (non .NET apps possibly in 2009) Developers will use Visual Studio 2008 Azure supports background processes that run independent from the web app Access to the Azure Storage service is via REST API (which isn't MS SQL Server) Storage is not strictly SQL (R... (more)

Does Sun's Desktop System 'Hijack' the Java Brand?

Like many of you, I keep an eye on what Sun is doing as a company. I keep an eye on their press releases, official statements, and general product lines. I don’t necessarily pay a great deal of attention to the output unless it specifically mentions Java because, as we know, there is more to Sun than just Java. I’ve known about their "Mad Hatter" (Linux desktop) project for some time now. It’s essentially a collection of open source projects, all designed to work together in one desktop, running initially on Linux. This is Sun’s continued play to become a single-stop solutions co... (more)

Things Can Only Get Better

As I write, it's the day after Boxing Day. I was supposed to have this written yesterday, but to tell the truth I just couldn't find my muse...so today will have to do. As I wake up this morning I see in horror the latest on a madman who let loose with a firearm on his work colleagues. Sadly, nothing terribly new in that fact for a nation that's so proud of its right to bear arms. However, this particular instance had it occurring within an Internet consultancy company. This industry is no longer as safe as the career officer once promised. Over this festive period we've been fe... (more)

What's It All About?

I know what you're thinking: What happened to Straight Talking? It's a good question, and most certainly deserves an answer. As seasoned JDJ readers know, Straight Talking was a regular column for over two years. But as much as I loved "talking" to you every month, the time has come to move on and introduce a whole new column/format. As you know, I have the honor of sitting on the editorial board of JDJ with the title of "Industry News Editor." So what does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, I get to hear about all the juicy things going on in the industry a wee bit before the mass... (more)

Profiling Netbeans within Amazon EC2

Alan Williamson's Blog It was only a matter of time before we started seeing real how-to's pop up on how we can start profiling our Java applications running deep within the cloud. When my long term friend and colleague, Kirk Pepperdine, started talking about taking his world class Java performance tuning skills out of the server room and into the clouds I was excited. He's just getting started, with this handy start-up for getting your live clouded Java applications directly profiled using Netbeans. The big elephant in the clouds, is of course the fact that the hardware to whic... (more)