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Alan Williamson

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 Alan Wiliamson's Blog We have been very busy preparing the upcoming cloud bootcamp we'll be hosting for a full day of hands on training in the wonders of cloud computing in San Jose. The biggest problem we have is trying to figure out what to leave out, because we simply have too much to present. Attendees are going to get a real hands-on feel for how they can utilize the world of on-demand computing. It won't be a sit-back-and-listen day, it's a true hands-on, sleeves-rolled up full day. We will be going through all aspects of cloud management, giving you a flavor of many of the different tools and techniques out there so you can decide which one fits in with your way of working, instead of feeling there is only one route to cloud nirvana. One such tool we had planned on covering in depth is of course the very popular management console from RightScale. But inst... (more)

Anybody Out There?

This column looks at the construction of an Intranet-based contact manager known as Informer. In previous articles, I have looked at the building blocks of Informer, and how easy it was to use Symantec's dbAnywhere package to provide all of the database connectivity. For those of you following this column, you will have noted that very little actual code has been produced manually. This is due to Visual Café's excellent drag and drop interface. I could attempt to continue the complete construction of Informer without having to produce a single line of code myself, but that would ... (more)

News Today, Gone Tomorrow

From the very first steps this column took, a journey of discovery was promised which, hopefully, has not disappointed. Using Visual Cafe as our development platform, we have ventured into areas of Java that others have feared to tread. From building complete applets with database connectivity to developing classes for sending and receiving e-mail, this column has so far tackled a wide variety of different problems. On the face of it, many of the topics appear difficult or far too complicated to have in an ordinary applet, application or servlet. But I think you'll agree that on... (more)

Reader's Choice Awards? What Do They Really Mean?

Awards and opinion polls are funny things, don't you think? In general, you read them with interest and suddenly you find yourself believing what they're saying. You then go and tell others about them, disseminating the information as the gospel truth. How many times have you found yourself saying to someone, "Yes, it's the most popular product?" As if saying it gives you justification for using the beast. Have you ever read the wee small writing at the bottom of any of these polls? If you haven't, you should. It may shock you to discover just how few people they "polled" for thi... (more)

What's It All About?

I know what you're thinking: What happened to Straight Talking? It's a good question, and most certainly deserves an answer. As seasoned JDJ readers know, Straight Talking was a regular column for over two years. But as much as I loved "talking" to you every month, the time has come to move on and introduce a whole new column/format. As you know, I have the honor of sitting on the editorial board of JDJ with the title of "Industry News Editor." So what does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, I get to hear about all the juicy things going on in the industry a wee bit before the mass... (more)