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Alan Williamson

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Alan Williamson's Blog Cloud computing is real. Cloud computing is changing how we in the software world work. But it is not everything to everyone and it is definitely not the second coming that will change how we all interact on the Internet. While I respect Stephen Fry hugely, I find myself a little disappointed that he has jumped onto marketing hype and taken his legion of followers off on the wrong direction. I expected more. The computer industry's history is littered with dead buzzwords and over hyped technology. Sometimes we don't even bother defining exactly a given buzzword. Take Web2.0 for example, it is different things to different people. Besides the problem that comes from being ill defined, it always leads to a huge amount of confusion in the market place. Another classic naming blunder from the annals of history is of course the Java and JavaScript d... (more)

The JavaStation vs. NetPC

Sun and Oracle caused a stir with their introduction of the network computer (NC) this past spring. Their idea is that the total cost of ownership of today's PCs is too high, opening the door for a low-cost, low-maintenance data appliance. So strong was the reaction of the industry that Microsoft and Intel were forced to quickly pull together a rapid counteroffensive - the NetPC. How does this battle affect the Java developer? First, let's take a closer look at what the fuss is all about. Sun and Oracle have each come out with their own versions of the network computer. Sun's ne... (more)

The Choice of a New Generation

Welcome to Your New Language One can assume that if you're reading a journal devoted to Java you've taken the first steps into this relatively new and emerging language that has filled up many columns in every major trade magazine since its release only a couple of years ago. You've seen the hype, read the leaflet, digested the ads and got the T-shirt! At this stage, you know Java is the language of the future, with its built in security and communication. Its ability to run on any platform supporting the runtime environment has been well publicized. You now want to join the thro... (more)

Project X

Last month, we started this column by looking at the development tool, Visual Café Pro. Visual Café Pro makes the perfect companion for the developer, giving instant access to the editor, on-line help and runtime environments. The main goal of this column will be to teach the reader the power behind Java by using Visual Café Pro, one of the most popular integrated development environments in use today. There are many ways to teach Java. Some are good, some bad. I have always felt the best way to learn about anything is through example. Show somebody how it works and suddenly a l... (more)

Must Be a Full Moon...

What a busy time it's been for us all. I'm not talking about the preparation of our titles. No, I'm referring to the fact that we seem to be in a mood for producing babies. First, Ajit Sagar, our resident XML guru, and his wife Seema gave birth to their first child this past summer. Next was Miles Silverman, SYS-CON Media's sales dude, in early November. Now me. Yes, I am now the proud owner of a brand new baby boy. Cormac Robert Williamson logged onto the world on St. Andrew's day (November 30) here in Scotland. Being his father's son, he has been hard at work already and by Day... (more)