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Alan Williamson

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  SYS-CON Radio interviews Onno Kluyt, Company Manager - JCP Program Office for Sun Microsystems and JDJ Columnist. Click here to listen {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)

LWM Speaks with Julian Field

The latest dirty word to creep into people's vocabularies is used to describe the flood of unwanted e-mail: spam. This unintended consequence of the Internet has made checking e-mail a chore of wading through obscene and unwarranted material. Gone are the days when you got excited at the e-mail notification popping up. But before you give up hope and start reaching for the pen and paper again, there is an army of soldiers out there on the front line of this spam war, helping to keep your box free of this nonsense. I had the good fortune to catch up with Julian Field, who is the l... (more)

An Interview with Richard Monson-Haefel

JDJ's Alan Williamson caught up with the well-known Java luminary Richard Monson-Haefel just after his recent appointment to the JCP Executive Committee. Alan asked Richard a broad range of questions including his view on how Java as a language has matured and what we are likely to see in the next year. JDJ: Thank you, Richard, for taking the time to talk to JDJ. I believe congratulations are in order: election to the JCP Executive Committee. How do you feel about that? Did you have to lobby for support? RMH: I'm honored to serve on the Executive Committee, and I didn't do any l... (more)

Pointbase Goes Micro: Small is Big

In our last issue, WBT Editorial Advisory Board member Anita Osterhaug gave readers a heads-up about mobile Java ("It's user-centric...and it's coming," [v. 1 n. 3]). In this issue it's only natural that we take a closer look at some mobile Java that's actually arrived: this month PointBase, Inc., releases PointBase Micro, a complete Java SQL database in under 50KB. In the world of wireless, where all vendors have an ax to grind - whether they're sellers of hardware or software or applications or services - it pays to cultivate a well-developed sense of skepticism. The triumph of... (more)

Clouds Do Blow Away - Live With It

If you were to believe the hype from the media and certain so called industry experts, you would be forgiven for thinking that cloud computing is the second coming. The answer to all our scaling and usage problems. Everything to everyone. The notion that the "cloud" is always on, or up, is a myth that is being propogated, irresponsibly, around the corridors of tech. As they say, what goes up must come down and software is no different. The measure of a redundant system isn't that it stays up 100% of the time, it's how it copes when parts of its systems go down. Can it heal itse... (more)