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Alan Williamson

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As the theme tune to the classic 1984 Ghostbusters movie goes, "If there's something strange, in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna call?", I am left wondering what we'll all be singing (shouting?) when something goes wrong in our cloud world. When you've got your whole business in the cloud and there is an outage, just what happens to your bottom line? What happens to your customers? What do you do? Register Today for SOA World and Attend SOA & Cloud Bootcamp for Free As the richness of our cloud-oriented world grows, this is becoming a serious consideration. We've come to rely, for example, on various web-based email systems such as Microsoft's Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Google's Gmail. Each of these have had high-profile outages in the last year, and whenever that happens, you are completely powerless to do anything. You are merely a voice among millions caught in the s... (more)

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

This is the time of year when most people take their vacation...when productivity falls a little below the yearly average...when nothing exciting happens. Mainstream journalists call it the "silly season"...the time when they usually have to dredge up all those human interest stories about terribly dull people doing extraordinary things. Our news world also suffers a little from this vacation syndrome, with no earth-shattering stories to keep ahead of. This year hasn't been so bad, however - thanks largely to Microsoft and the whole debacle surrounding Java and Windows XP. As my ... (more)

Does Sun's Desktop System 'Hijack' the Java Brand?

Like many of you, I keep an eye on what Sun is doing as a company. I keep an eye on their press releases, official statements, and general product lines. I don’t necessarily pay a great deal of attention to the output unless it specifically mentions Java because, as we know, there is more to Sun than just Java. I’ve known about their "Mad Hatter" (Linux desktop) project for some time now. It’s essentially a collection of open source projects, all designed to work together in one desktop, running initially on Linux. This is Sun’s continued play to become a single-stop solutions co... (more)

The JavaStation vs. NetPC

Sun and Oracle caused a stir with their introduction of the network computer (NC) this past spring. Their idea is that the total cost of ownership of today's PCs is too high, opening the door for a low-cost, low-maintenance data appliance. So strong was the reaction of the industry that Microsoft and Intel were forced to quickly pull together a rapid counteroffensive - the NetPC. How does this battle affect the Java developer? First, let's take a closer look at what the fuss is all about. Sun and Oracle have each come out with their own versions of the network computer. Sun's ne... (more)

Advanced Animation Techniques

Java is a programming language. Nothing complicated so far. And just like all other computer languages, it will not make a bad programmer into a good programmer. All the same techniques picked up while coding in, say, C or C++, generally can be applied to the same program in Java. But what happens if you're not coming from an experienced coding background. You don't have this wealth of knowledge. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your side of the fence, when it comes to coding multimedia applets many experienced developers are back at square one with the novices. The pro... (more)