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Over the last few months I have made more than a passing reference to the fact that I personally feel that, in its present state, Java doesn't stand much chance on the desktop against the march of Microsoft's WinForm technology from the .NET Framework. A view, I have discovered, shared by many of you. Before I go on, let me clarify my position here so we are all on the same page. The frameworks currently available to the Java developer from the standard JDK, of course, are AWT and Swing. Naturally we are not talking about other client-side technologies, such as SWT, Thinlets, and Droplets to name a few, but more on them later. The less said about AWT the better. It doesn't even stand up to the functionality of an HTML page with a basic FORM embedded in it. But we were told not to despair, Sun promised a much better technology was in the works. We were then presente... (more)

VMware Virtualization for the Children

Alan Williamson's Blog If you're a parent, then you'll have been through it. Your son or daughter wants to play on your computer and before you know it, you've given yourself up to the wonders of CBEEBIES and Club Penguin on MiniClip. This is all fine and dandy until they stray to another site and boom a whole bunch of popups start appearing, and various custom cursors are installed. And this is with FireFox forced as their browser! My boys have access to the internet whenever they want. If our laptops aren't being used, then are free to go on them whenever they way. Whether its ... (more)

Implementing Servlets

Introduction Just when you thought it was safe to start learning Java, along comes yet another new technology from the those clever boffins at SunSoft, to confuse and dazzle the developer. Fortunately, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Jeeves is the name of the new Java Server API that defines a mechanism and framework for creating connection-oriented server applications. This article will take a look at what Jeeves is aiming to accomplish and why it is a much better solution to the technologies being offered today. We will conclude with a look at the time honored tradition o... (more)

Advanced Animation Techniques

Java is a programming language. Nothing complicated so far. And just like all other computer languages, it will not make a bad programmer into a good programmer. All the same techniques picked up while coding in, say, C or C++, generally can be applied to the same program in Java. But what happens if you're not coming from an experienced coding background. You don't have this wealth of knowledge. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your side of the fence, when it comes to coding multimedia applets many experienced developers are back at square one with the novices. The pro... (more)

Java at Fault?...Surely Not!

Come, friends, family and passersby, welcome to the start of a new column, from the good old keyboard of Alan Williamson. Some of you may have read my previous column under the banner name of 'Visual Cafe.' That column looked at various aspects of the Java language, including such goodies as POP and SMTP. This column is going to be somewhat different. I intend to strip away all of the media hype and marketing stories surrounding Java, and present you with a monthly look at the real Java: Java at the frontline. We will look at the problems facing developers on a daily basis: thing... (more)