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HALT! Just stop right there! You've probably stumbled across this column while merrily thumbing through this magazine, and you're now wondering what this lump of words is all about. You may have noticed this column in previous issues but couldn't be bothered to read it. After all, who'd blame you, since there aren't any pictures or fancy diagrams to support it. It's got to be dull, right? But why not be daring? Go on, lend me 10 minutes of your time and let's see if I can entertain you as I give you some Java enlightenment. If you don't like it, then hey, I won't hold it against you. We won't even speak of it again. Deal? Well, last month saw me in Tokyo. Again. I was there giving a series of talks on the merits of using Java at the server side. The talks were geared around Java Servlets and the benefits they can offer over and above alternative technologies such a... (more)

There May Be Trouble Ahead...

As Nat King Cole famously sang, we have to "face the music and dance..." This month's editorial is coming to you with a reader beware warning! I've been engaged in some great debates over the last month on a variety of topics, but the one that has caught my interest is the old chestnut regarding the longevity of Java. Is it here to stay? If not, how long do we have? Quite rightly, it's being talked about and I've had the good fortune to brush shoulders with a number of big names in our industry who have given me their perspectives on the whole debate. I have my own feelings about ... (more)

To Serve or not to Serve

Introduction Just when you were beginning to get the hang of Java and had figured out it was more than just an animation tool, out comes yet another Java-related technology, complete with its own set of rules and conditions to dazzle and confuse. But what is so special about this new one, that we should stop and take note of it? Up until now, Java has been very much associated with the client side of the client/server equation, popping up in applets and Beans. The server side has been relatively untouched. In fact, for a while it looked as if the Java community had forgotten all... (more)

Cloud Computing Is Real and It's Changing How We in the Software World Work

Alan Williamson's Blog Cloud computing is real. Cloud computing is changing how we in the software world work. But it is not everything to everyone and it is definitely not the second coming that will change how we all interact on the Internet. While I respect Stephen Fry hugely, I find myself a little disappointed that he has jumped onto marketing hype and taken his legion of followers off on the wrong direction. I expected more. The computer industry's history is littered with dead buzzwords and over hyped technology. Sometimes we don't even bother defining exactly a given buzz... (more)

Profiling Netbeans within Amazon EC2

Alan Williamson's Blog It was only a matter of time before we started seeing real how-to's pop up on how we can start profiling our Java applications running deep within the cloud. When my long term friend and colleague, Kirk Pepperdine, started talking about taking his world class Java performance tuning skills out of the server room and into the clouds I was excited. He's just getting started, with this handy start-up for getting your live clouded Java applications directly profiled using Netbeans. The big elephant in the clouds, is of course the fact that the hardware to whic... (more)