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Alan Williamson's Blog Have you played with Google's Desktop tool? This is basically a strip on the side of your screen that lets you house small applications, called Gadgets. The tool is available for Windows, Linux and Mac so no matter your vice there is a flavour for you. There is a wide variety of Gadgets available, ranging from the usual news tickers and clocks right through to games and even being able to vote if a girl is hot or not! Each gadget is essentially a small Javascript application that is built to a given framework that is provided to by the Google application that you install. The Javascript is out of the sandbox, permitting it to connect to any host utilising the popular XMLHttpRequest object to do all the heavy network lifting. In addition, Google has a whole set of API's allowing you to query details about the system in which you are running. ... (more)

SOA & Cloud Bootcamp: Who Ya Gonna Call? Cloudbusters!

As the theme tune to the classic 1984 Ghostbusters movie goes, "If there's something strange, in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna call?", I am left wondering what we'll all be singing (shouting?) when something goes wrong in our cloud world. When you've got your whole business in the cloud and there is an outage, just what happens to your bottom line? What happens to your customers? What do you do? Register Today for SOA World and Attend SOA & Cloud Bootcamp for Free As the richness of our cloud-oriented world grows, this is becoming a serious consideration. We've come to rely, for... (more)

The Controversial "Ross Report" on Microsoft & .NET

?If the USA and China can have healthy economic trade despite significant ideological differences, then there's a possibility that those of us in the freedom-loving Java world can engage in healthy economic trade with the many millions who will be locked into Windows and .Net.? Rick Ross, in The Ross Report Back in November, in a move that many Java developers likened to the wily fox inviting the unsuspecting hen round for a candlelit dinner, Microsoft Corp extended an invitation to JavaLobby founder Rick Ross to come to its Redmond, WA, headquarters in December?and check out .NET... (more)

Swing Is Swinging Java Out of the Desktop

Over the last few months I have made more than a passing reference to the fact that I personally feel that, in its present state, Java doesn't stand much chance on the desktop against the march of Microsoft's WinForm technology from the .NET Framework. A view, I have discovered, shared by many of you. Before I go on, let me clarify my position here so we are all on the same page. The frameworks currently available to the Java developer from the standard JDK, of course, are AWT and Swing. Naturally we are not talking about other client-side technologies, such as SWT, Thinlets, and... (more)

Two Influential Bodies in the Industry Cement a New Beginning

To the Java community, We, Marc Fleury and Alan Williamson, would like to take this opportunity to put some order into the chaos that has ensued over the last few days regarding the relationship JBoss has with Java Developer's Journal and, in particular, the Readers' Choice Awards. We wish to make it clear that, despite recent heated and colorful public exchanges, JDJ and JBoss do not hold an adversarial relationship. With respect to the JDJ Readers' Choice Awards, we are both committed to making sure there is no misrepresentation and the spirit of the awards is carried through. ... (more)